Friday, October 20, 2017

The Authentic Chalkboard Bundle

The Authentic Chalkboard Bundle - Layer Styles

by Studio Denmark
This is a multi platform, authentic chalkboard design bundle containing backgrounds, styles, vectors, and more!
I have taken great pains to make this the most authentic collection of chalk and chalkboard elements around, including filling my studio with vintage chalkboards, spending many wrist cramping hours with a piece of chalk in my hand, and ruining some clothes with chalk dust...all so that you can get the real chalky look - without having to go through all that yourself! :)  Download Now 

What's Included
  • Over 300 hand chalked vectors provided in 8 Illustrator vector files8 Photoshop Vector Shape Layer Files, and individual original chalk scanned high res PNG files for each element - for those who do not have Adobe. Themes include rustic, floral, birthday, whimsical & wedding, including over 25 delicate hand chalked wedding words and phrases for your elegant wedding designs. Click and scroll on the penultimate preview for some gorgeous vector eye candy.
  • 30 Seamless Chalk Styles 
  • 54 ALL NEW Chalkboard Backgrounds 
  • 13 Seamless Chalkboard Styles 
  • User Guide including both written and video instructions 
The Authentic Chalkboard Bundle - Layer Styles
The Authentic Chalkboard Bundle - Layer Styles

                               The Authentic Chalkboard Bundle - Layer Styles     The Authentic Chalkboard Bundle - Layer Styles

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