Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Halosense Script ~ Script Fonts

Halosense Script

Introducing Halosense Handmade Crafted Modern Calligraphy
Referring from the product before called Octavia Script, this new modern calligraphy is more natural feel, handmade created with small touch of digital to make them flowing like a water on the river. :)
This fonts generating more features like CALT (Contextual Alternates), DLIG (discretionary ligatures), SS (Stylistic Set), INIT & FINA (initial and terminal) .
Lowercase : when the letter meets the same letter (aa,bb,cc,etc) there will not having same letter. it will look different a little bit, the function is for make you get the natural feel of hand typing.
Uppercase : Comes with 2 stylistic alternates to give you the option.
Alternate Characters : It's over than 10 stylistic in some letter, and some alternates which is usable for word.