Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hipster FREE Fonts for Designer

Best free Hipster fonts that enhance your designs and perfect for print and digital designs. This is not only Vintage or Retro fonts collection, these fonts for you to use in all of your projects! For more high quality commercial fonts, check best fonts of 2014.
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Free Hipster Fonts for Designers

GDJ always keep our readers up-to-date with fresh graphic design resources, especially about the fonts. In this post, I’ll be featuring collection of Free Hipster Fonts. So what are your waiting, go and check out all of them and download the ones you like most.

1. Banten Unfamous Font

Font Download

2. Barque Font

Font Download

3. Superlative Font

Font Download

4. Guriga Font

Font Download

5. Aventura Font

Font Download

6. Bobber Font

Font Download

7. Bushcraft Font

Font Download

8. Brasilia Font

Font Download

9. Capture Smallz Font

Font Download

10. London Fon

Font Download

11. FARRAY Font

Font Download

12. REN Font

Font Download

13. Motorless Font

Font Download

14. Sunday Font

Font Download

15. Futrista Font

Font Download

16. Che’s Bone Hand made Font

Font Download

17. Draft Display Font

Font Download

18. CutePunk Font

Font Download

19. Airplane Font

Font Download

20. Homestead Font

Font Download

21. Ribbon Font

Font Download

22. Silverfake Font

Font Download

23. Metropolis Font

Font Download

24. Russian Stencil Font

Font Download

25. 28 Days Later Font

Font Download

26. Monostep (Straight Light Italic) Font

Font Download

27. Damier Font

Font Download

28. RBNo2 Font

Font Download

29. Steelfish Font

Font Download

30. Angels Landing Font

Font Download

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This Week's Fresh Design Goods:

This Week's Fresh Design Goods: Vol. 8

This Week's Fresh Design Goods: Vol. 8

Fresh Design Goods is a regular series in which we highlight and celebrate fantastic new products that have been recently uploaded to the marketplace by new and seasoned Creative Market shop owners. It's sort of like a quick stroll through a farmer's market of design and creativity. Enjoy the sights, pick up new products, and follow talented shop owners. The products and shops curated for this series are selected by our Creative Director, Gerren Lamson.

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Talented designers are opening shops in the marketplace each week. We’re spotlighting a few promising new shop owners who are knocking it out of the park by uploading beautiful new design products to launch their shops! The previews you see here are often just a small taste of each shop's full future offering, so be sure to follow them to stay tuned for more amazing assets.

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Jen captures raw moments with her photography, and they are full of adventure and wonder. Have a look!

Viva la Violette

Heather crafts beautiful feminine WordPress themes.

Hope Jones

Sarah creates modern pop-art illustrations that are perfect for many creative uses.


Hailing from Saint Petersburg, Julia shares imagery from her international travels that is honest and timeless.


Lennart has started a shop of unique three dimensional and mock up products. We expect to see more visual goodness soon!


Looking for unique mockups for packaging and products? Then Mesmeriseme Club is one to watch!


Just Like My Desktop is the moniker that Anne uses to produce her clean and modern photo-based mockup assets under.

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