Friday, August 19, 2016

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Fleur - Painted Floral Graphics - Illustrations





Fleur is a gorgeous floral set of graphics rich in colour and made by us, invitation designers, with the idea of creating graphics perfect for invitations! The transparent background PNG format makes it easy to place over anything with ease.
This pack includes ---
  • x14 Individual Floral Elements as PNGs
  • x5 textured backgrounds
  • x10 floral arrangements as PNGs
  • x5 wreaths as PNGs
These are perfect for wedding invitations, stationery, cards - anything that needs a beautiful flower!

Hot Fonts This Week >> August'16

Font Bundle - Shop Bundle


$421 worth of goodies for only $49! 

So, what do you get?
  • 44 typefaces, totalling to 76 fonts
  • 31 logo templates
  • Over 260 graphics & doodles
  • 18 papers & backgrounds
  • 90 Photoshop watercolour & foil patterns, brushes, backgrounds & splotches
  • 2 Marketing sets (Photoshop templates)
To see how everything looks and to get more info on each item just click on the links below:
  • Just Write Font 
  • Featherly Hand Lettered 
  • Heavenfield Font Duo 
  • Instant Hand Lettering Font Bundle 
  • Stephanie Jane 
  • Humble Hearts 
  • Happy Girl & Sunset Hill 
  • Rebel Script
  • Hide Away (plus extras) 
  • Strangelove 
  • Featherly Bold 
  • Funky Font Bundle 
  • Artful Beauty 
  • Designer's Kit (logo & font bundle) 
  • Alamanda 
  • Joella 
  • The Artist 
  • Featherly 
  • Stephen Type 
  • Camera logo 
  • Joanne Marie Script 
  • Logo Template 
  • Photography Marketing Set 
  • Floral Logo 
  • Signature Logo Bundle 
  • Logo Bundle 
  • Hand Sketched Cameras Bundle 
  • Photography Marketing Set 
  • Hand Sketched jewellery boxes 
  • Joanne Marie Calligraphic 
  • Dreamy Script 
  • Violet Bee 








Black Diamond Brush Font - Script

Black Diamond isn't your average brush font, it's raw, edgy & bursting with attitude! Hand-painted with extra attention to quick-strokes and dry textures, Black Diamond is guaranteed to deliver a loud, proud & carefree message - ideal for logos, handwritten quotes, product packaging, merchandise, social media & greeting cards.
Black Diamond comes as a single font file packed full of great features. It contains a full set of lower & uppercase letters, a large range of punctuation, numerals, and multilingual support. The font also contains several ligatures and stylistic alternates for those who have opentype capable software (e.g. Photoshop/Illustrator). Lastly you can add some finishing touches to your work with the added bonus extras; Just type out any of the square-bracket characters { } [ ] on your keyboard for quick and easy access to 4 different swashes, and the arrow up ^ key to produce paint splatters.
Black Diamond is provided in both TTF & OTF font formats. I recommend installing the TTF, and the OTF only if necessary.
I had loads of fun playing around with this one, and I hope you do too! As always, please don't hesitate to drop me a message if you have any issues or queries :)
Keep it classy!

Crystal Sky Font Set

Crystal Sky Font Set - Script
Crystal Sky is packed full of great features to give you plenty of customisation options;
Lowercase Alternates • Crystal Sky comes with an entire alternate lowercase glyph set. This is accessible simply by turning on 'Stylistic Alternates' in any software with OpenType capabilities. For anyone having trouble accessing the alternates via this method, I've included them as their own separate font file - just install this as normal and select 'Crystal Sky Alt' in your text-tool :)
All-Caps Version • Have you ever noticed that script fonts tend to be a bit tricky when it comes to typing in all-caps? That's why I've included a totally separate set of A-Z letters - designed to work in harmony with each other during those moments when you need to hit your caps-lock button and go a bit wild!
Bonus Doodle Pack • Need a bit more visual appeal to your text? I've also included a bonus vector pack which includes 32 hand-drawn doodles, these are the perfect companion to Crystal Sky for when you need to add some light-hearted fun to your design.
Large Glyph Set • Crystal Sky comes with a large range of glyphs including punctuation, numerals, international language support, ligatures & additional extra glyphs for some lowercase characters.
  • Fonts are provided in TTF & OTF formats
  • Vector pack provided in AI & EPS formats

Thanks for looking & I hope you enjoy it! As always, please don't hesitate to drop me a message if you have any issues or queries :)
Keep on dreaming.

The Whiskey Font Collection

The Whiskey Font Collection - Display
The Whiskey Font Collection
I just added Gibson Script - a Whiskey inspired script typeface to my shop! It's the perfect pairing with this collection.
The Whiskey Font Collection is a type pairing of "Wheat" & "Barley". These two typefaces were literally made for eachother. They work together to give you that perfect vintage label you've been designing. These are perfect for Logos, Advertising, Apparel Design, Labels, Signage, Etc.

The 2 Typefaces come in 3 different styles; Regular, Rough, Aged (Distressed Letterpress Look). Wheat & Barley come with Western European characters. Barley also has a few added extras such as "and", "from", "for" and "with" inside of ribbons, alongside No., Co., & ESTd.
>> Download

The Legend Font trio + texture bonus












Here's what's hot fonts this week > August'16

Angie Makes Font Bundle of Glory

Angie Makes Font Bundle of Glory - Fonts

Introducing the long-awaited, delightfully handmade
This bundle contains goods that could easily value more than $300.... yours for only $25!
Use these coveted, high-quality fonts + extras to create the type and graphic design projects of your dreams. Wowzers! You're going to have fun with all of these little goodies.

★The Fonts★
  • Blacksheep: Regular + Italic. A too cute hand brushed script with sophistication. Looks great in all caps too.
  • Claphands: Filled + Half-Filled. Uppercase is half-filled and lowercase is solid. A playful all caps font with some serious girth. Perfect display font to make your text stand out from the crowd. *PUA Encoded.
  • Dahlia Darling: An adorable hand brushed calligraphy script font with thick and thin variation and a dancing baseline.
  • Fandangle: Regular + Bold. A super smooth and whimsical script font. Choose from 9 swash styles that can be added seamlessly. *PUA encoded.
  • Fineday: A super playful, handdrawn script font. Make sure you turn on your Open Type features to see this natural handwritten font at its best.
  • Funfetti: A too cute, all caps serif font that goes with everything.
  • Helsinki: A happy all caps sans-serif font that goes with everything.
  • Hola Bonita: This font is a hand brushed beauty. Rough, dry brush texture that looks fabulous in all caps too. Alternates for each uppercase and lowercase letter included.*PUA Encoded.
  • Hoodwink: Filled, Hollow, and Dotty Versions. A sophisticated serif display font for titles, headers, and more.
  • Ladyfinger: A super trendy, modern script font with serious slant and a cool kid vibe. You'll love it!
  • Okey Doke: Filled + Hollow. A totally funky block letter font. Uppercase is filled and lowercase is hollow. Perfect for some wonderful handdrawn vibes. *PUA Encoded
  • Rockaby: Regular + Bold. A handdrawn, all caps font with a ton of personality. Great for pairing!
  • Seafair: Regular + Italic. A thick, romanesque serif font with a ton of spunk.
  • Shippey: An all caps font with a thick body and outline. Handdrawn block letter goodness with tons of character!
*PUA encoded means that you don't have to have any fancy software to use all the little swashes and extra letters, etc. included in a font that are not easily accessible by simply hitting the traditional keys on your keyboard. 
International Language Support includes the following characters: Aacute Acircumflex Adieresis Agrave Aring Atilde AE Ccedilla Eth Eacute Ecircumflex Edieresis Egrave IJ Iacute Icircumflex Idieresis Igrave Ldot Ntilde Oacute Ocircumflex Odieresis Ograve Oslash Otilde OE Thorn Uacute Ucircumflex Udieresis Ugrave Wacute Wcircumflex Wdieresis Wgrave Yacute Ycircumflex Ydieresis Ygrave aacute acircumflex adieresis agrave aring atilde ae ccedilla eth eacute ecircumflex edieresis egrave iacute icircumflex idieresis igrave ij ldot ntilde oacute ocircumflex odieresis ograve oslash otilde oe thorn ucircumflex udieresis ugrave wacute wcircumflex wdieresis wgrave yacute ycircumflex ydieresis ygrave
Commercial use allowed. 



>>> Download Now

Hello Beautiful Font Duo + Swashes


Hello Beautiful!
Introducing a duo of hand-scripted fonts, carefully designed to work together in harmony for creating masterful typographic designs in a flash!
Included in the pack is 26 additional marker swashes in font form for you to add authenticity to your designs.


  • Hello Beautiful Regular - a casual, arty Hand Script consisting of upper and lowercase letters, punctuation and numerals.Stylistic alternates for all the characters are also available, accessible in the Adobe Illustrator Glyphs panel, or in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Glyph Panel. For customers without access to either of these - an additional ttf file with the alternate characters is now included.
  • Hello Beautiful Marker is an uppercase only complimentary typeface which also supports international languages.
  • Hello Beautiful Swashes - 26 Marker style swashes accessed by typing upper or lowercase keys.
Be sure to check out all the previews above by clicking on them and scrolling down to see all the fonts and ideas and inspiration for using this font duo.
If there are any additional characters you would like me to include - feel free to send a request!

COMMERCIAL USE ALLOWED- The Standard License on Creative Market allows Commercial Use of fonts and add-ons :) Unlimited Sales, Unlimited Projects with only a few exceptions - 
Happy Designing Folks!!



                   >>>Download Now!

Fontself: Make fonts in Illustrator

Fontself: Make fonts in Illustrator - Plug-ins

Yes!!! A dream come true: EVERY DESIGNER CAN NOW MAKE FONTS 😻 🎉
Fontself Maker brings font creation capabilities right into Illustrator CC. How cool does this sound?
So you can now turn your own lettering into actual fonts, right from your favorite vector editing tool.
And it's just SOOOO EASY: just drag & drop any letter, icon or symbol to the Fontself Maker panel, and BOOOM, you've just created a font.
Export it as an OpenType .otf font file in one click and enjoy it anywhere you want!
If you don't trust us, just check this awesome tutorial on the official Creative Market blog:

Mind that Fontself does not run on CS6 (yeah, we know, it's pretty sad... But we'll figure something cool in the upcoming months for all the CS users who'd love to make their own fonts in a snap. Stay tuned ;)

  • Create fonts in minutes
  • Drag & drop to convert any shape into a character
  • Edit, preview and install fonts within Illustrator
  • Export OpenType font files
  • Extend any copy of Illustrator CC
  • Compatible with both Mac & PC
  • Download Now 

>>Download Now !!!

Indigo Blue Font + Swashes

Indigo Blue Font + Swashes - Script

Introductory offer price of $15 for 2 weeks only ( until August 8th 2016 ). Normal Price $20.00.
Say hello to "Indigo Blue". A charming new handwritten font with bonus swashes and TONS of character :)
Indigo Blue is coded with special Opentype Features to make it look even more natural than a standard font - it includes Standard Ligatures (custom double letters) and Stylistic Alternates ( alternate letters) for both the Upper and Lowercase letters.
A handy little Swash font is included as a bonus to add some punch to your designs :)
You don't even need special software to access all these extra characters - as the font is coded with PUA unicode - meaning you simply copy and paste the letters you want into the application you are using :) Instructions included in a handy pdf called "How to use PUA fonts".
Feminine or Masculine - Indigo blue lends itself to many different styles and is essential to any serious designers font collection.
Perfect for Branding, logos, packaging, posters, business cards, apparel, t-shirts - you name it.
Language Suport is included - Indigo Blue supports the following languages : Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk,Portuguese, Romansh, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Swiss German.
License FAQ's : The Standard License allows you to use the font commercially - Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Sales. Web use it allowed except in cases where the font remains live for visitors to edit. Mobile App use need extra Licensing.
All available in OTF and TTF formats.