Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lunar Cone 50% OFF

Introducing Lunar Cone - Adorable Layered Font with Introducing rate 50% OFF

Comic, Silly and Cute design style are inspire me to create this Adorable fonts :). Creating with enjoyable on designing this fonts, so I create more layers to create more possibility for mix and match the style for your Adorable design.

Styling on Lunar Cone gives you more options to choose the design style. Like on my display I create some in Vector based design style, on Mock up, or combinations. So the design make the impression to be Cute and Silly.

Files included :
  • LunarCone Regular
  • LunarCone Line
  • LunarCone Outline
  • LunarCone Shadow
  • Vector Bonus Line Version and Colored version ( Ai & EPS )
Also this include Commercial License.
If you have any question just leave it on the comment or Message me,
Thank You and Stay Cute ! :) 
Download >>

  • Lunar Cone OTF (400)
  • Lunar Cone Line OTF (400)

STOREFRONT - Apparel Mockups Bundle

Now over 300 Mockups - Ultra Realistic - 4K HD - Professional Photoshoots - 3D Design Mapping
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  • STOREFRONT includes ultra-realistic, high-resolution, Photoshop templates created from professional photoshoots. Increase sales up to 31% with beautiful product images.
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  • Over 300 Photoshop files are included. Never buy another mockup. Never take another product photo.
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  • STOREFRONT is easy to use, even for beginners. Color-coded templates and detailed tutorials are included. Buy today and start making beautiful images instantly.

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  • You get access to every apparel mockup we currently have.
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Easy to Use + 24 Hour Support
  • Have a question? Need help? Email us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Beginner-friendly templates
  • Simple, color-coded, and clearly labeled layers
  • Detailed PDF tutorials included
  • Each template includes an adjustable "Extra Design Details" layer to fine-tune your design
  • Your design is sharp on all displays
  • Each file is 4000 x 4000 pixels
  • Flawless on retina and HiDPI screens
  • Crop and Zoom without concern
  • Detail files are 2000 x 2000 pixels
3D Design Mapping
  • Make your design ultra-realistic
  • Your design wraps to the fabric automatically
  • "Smart objects" make realistic 3D mapping simple and instant
  • Embedded displacement maps included with every template
Branded Apparel Templates
  • Mockups that accurately represent the garments you're using
  • Created from high-resolution photos of actual American Apparel & Bella+Canvas items
  • Embedded fabric color library specific to each garment

  • Buy Now Sore Front - Apparel  Mockup Bundle 

Buy Now Sore Front - Apparel  Mockup Bundle 

Photoshop Mockups Included
Men's T-Shirt Fit Mockups - $29
Women's T-Shirt Fit Mockups - $29
Unisex Tank Top Mockups - $29
Unisex T-Shirt Mockups - $29
Crew Neck Sweater Mockups - $29
Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mockups - $29
Women's Racerback Tank Top Mockups - $29
Unisex Tri-Blend Tank Top Mockups - $29
Heather Texture Bundle - $12
Men's Fit Tank Top Mockups - $29
Zip-Up Hoodie Mockups - $29
Pullover Hoodie Mockups - $29
T-Shirt Hanger Apparel Mockups - $19
V-Neck T-Shirt Apparel Mockups - $29
3/4 Sleeve Raglan Shirt Mockups - $29
Polo Shirt Mockups - $29
Tri-Blend T-Shirt Mockups - $29
American Apparel 2408 Tank Mockups - $29
American Apparel 2007 Shirt Mockups - $29
American Apparel TR301 Shirt Mockups - $29
American Apparel TR308 Tank Mockups - $29
American Apparel TR401 Mockups - $29
American Apparel TR408 Mockups - $29
American Apparel 2102 Tee Mockups - $29
American Apparel 2456 V-Neck Mockups - $29
American Apparel 2001 Shirt Mockups - $29
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Bella Canvas 1080 Mockups - $29
Bella Canvas 3001 Mockups - $29
Bella Canvas 3005 Mockups - $29
Bella Canvas 3413 Mockups - $29
Bella Canvas 3415 Mockups - $29
Bella Canvas 3501 Mockups - $29
Bella Canvas 3650 Mockups - $29
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Bella Canvas 8800 Mockups- $29
Infant Lap Shoulder Onesie Mockups - $29
Infant Lap Shoulder T-Shirt Mockups - $29
Infant Layette Gown Mockups - $29
Infant Long Sleeve Onesie Mockups - $29
Infant Short Sleeve Onesie Mockups - $29
Infant T-Shirt Mockups - $29
Infant Tee Romper Mockups - $29
Toddler’s Crew Neck Sweater Mockups - $29
Toddler’s Pullover Hoodie Mockups - $29
Toddler’s T-Shirt Mockups - $29
Toddler’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mockups - $29

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