Thursday, December 22, 2016

#OmTeloletOm....! become Trending Topic in socmed .what is meaning?

"Indonesia giving the world the best meme to close 2016
in the best possible way. OM TELOLET OM."
is a cry that is commonly spoken
by the children in the street when a bus crossed
in the hope the driver will honk unique. "Telolet telolet," it said
when the Bus push Horn they where FUN..!!
Make it Happiness is simple !!
#Om. .- in indonesia languange means Uncle Was Brother Of Parents Someone.
#Telolet - special sound of horn when driver bus push special claxon

Om = Sir, uncle, Telolet = a Busses Horn
Look at this femomena Om Telolet Om....

Cyberspace shocked #Telolet OR WITH meme Telolet Om Om Invisible Sound horn lying down is the bus. For You That accustomed intercity bus ride, of course already be familiar with the sound of singer. The horn sound does sound unique and attract attention, not least in the realm of cyberspace. Some well-known disc jockey even curious WITH WHAT Yang revoked Telolet Om Om. DJ Snake, Dillon Francis, Martin Garrix, Zedd, and other post their reactions Alerts Subscription Telolet fence on social media accounts. "What ITU telolet om om?" Zedd cuit in @Zedd account. As for Martin Garrix assess horn sound Om Om Telolet ITU Extraordinary. On Twitter, the conversation Om Om Telolet achieve More than 431 thousand, conversation defeat lying down, such as South Tangerang where police found a bomb in A Housing, #AgusSylviMeroket, and more. Site Record Companies Billboard even acknowledge meme Telolet Om Om SUCCESSFUL Stealing Attention celebrities in the music world. Citing the Billboard website, hashtag Om Om Telolet The mysterious ITU Start exploded ON Tuesday afternoon, December 20, 2016. BILLBOARD | TWITTER | RINI K/

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