Thursday, October 27, 2016

Drustic Dialy- Totally Rustic 4 combination Font

Drustic Dialy

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Drustic Dialy - Four Combinations Rustic Fonts

With a lot exploring the typographic design, content, and style. Most of them are created with the combinations of the typeface. Referring to the outdoor, vintage and old style design there so many great artwork with the textured typeface. So, I in collaborations with my friend choose the styling like this, without needed to add any rough filter effect.
With takes a lot of time to create the Rough effect without entering the validations of error, because it's very annoy to everyone who can't install the fonts correctly. And I believe this fonts will not have the validation of error. Double checked
As on the Display, Lot of them are created with the solid background to pure showing the shape of the typeface, texture, and features. You can also check the font guidelines in the links below
The Four Combinations, helps you to create the made a pair of your typography artwork. like on thedisplay no 7 & 8, crisp, natural, and great combinations. Comes with the Serif Style, Sans Style, Condensed(also in italic), Script (Original and Halftoned texture) and the last is Catchword for complete the small pieces of artwork.
The Features : Sans, Serif, Condensed, and Catchword are have standard features like full the Alphabetical Letters with the number and punctuations indeed. Except the Script, This script have a special features on Contextual Alternates (stops lowercase letter after space), stylistic alternates, ligatures, and initial and terminal.

  • DrusticDialy Sans OTF (400)
  • DrusticDialy Serif OTF (400)
  • DrusticDialy Script OTF (400)
  • DrusticDialy Condensed OTF (400)
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