Thursday, March 17, 2016

Instantly Download 1000"s of Logos

Instantly Download Thousands of Logos With This Awesome Search Engine
Maybe you are doing a website design and you need to put in the Facebook logo, or I just want to mock up a product box and I'd like to put the "Made by Apple" logo in there. 
Finding that stuff can be easy, but more often than not it's a grind. Who wants to lose an hour or two digging around the Internet trying to find that perfect (and accurate) version of a logo? 
Well now there's a single place to look: Instant Logo Search.
As the name says, Instant Logo Search is a place where you can go to search for logos, and get results instantly. The site then gives you two options — SVG and PNG — and you can download the file(s) by clicking a link and moving on. You can also add logos to a bucket, then download them in a batch afterwards.
Now this site doesn't have every logo on the planet (McDonald's, for example, wasn't there when I searched), but it does have enough to become entirely too useful. 
Another great Resources : is a great resource for eps files. Have to double check    for most up to date version sometimes, and don't have every logo, but they have a lot! is another good one where I've found rare and hard-to-find logos.

You may not need it today, but bookmark it, because it could come in handy someday soon.

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